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What is it?

ShareMath is the easiest way to create, share and remix mathematical equations on the web.

This means your online documents, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Edmodo, Google Docs, MathOverflow, Wordpress, and any LMS. Heck, use it on to find a math soulmate!

We would love your feedback on these Learning Management System (LMS):

.LRN, Absorb LMS, Alphastudy, ANGEL, aTutor, Blackboard Learning System, Canvas by Instructure, CCNet, CERTPOINT Systems Inc., Chamilo, Claroline, Coggno, Cornerstone OnDemand, Desire2Learn, DNDLearn, DoceboLMS, Dokeos, dotLRN, Drupal, E>nable | Virtual College, eCollege, eFront, Eleven, EthosCE, Fedena, GeoLearning, GlobalScholar, Glow, Gyrus Systems, HotChalk, ILIAS, Informetica, Inquisiq LMS, iQpakk, it's learning, ITWorx CLG (Connected Learning Gateway), Joomla LMS,, LearnFlex, LearnForce, Meridian Knowledge Solutions, Moodle, OLAT, Plateau Systems, QuestionMark, Saba Software, Sakai, Sclipo, SharePointLMS, Skills Optimiser, SSLearn, TeamWox, Thinking Cap LMS, TOPYX, TrainCaster LMS, TrainingForce, Vitalect, WebCT, WebStudy Learning LMS, WeBWorK

We complement or replace offline software such as MathType™, Microsoft Word™ Equation Editor, MathMagic™.

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